Saturday, September 22, 2012

TCM Event Series Presents Frankenstein(1931) and The Bride of Frankenstein(1935)

Turner Classic Movies, Universal and NCM Fathom Events are together sponsoring a limited theatrical re-release of Frankenstein(1931) and The Bride Of Frankenstein(1935). Both of these classic Universal horror films will be shown in select theaters as a double feature on Wednesday, October 24th(2012) at 7:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). Read more:

For a listing, by state, of participating movie theaters in the U.S. that will be showing these two movies click the link:

TCM Event Series Presents Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

HALLOWEEN(1978) returns to theaters in 2012

HALLOWEEN, the 1978 horror classic directed by John Carpenter, returns to select theaters across the United States beginning October 25th, 2012 and running through Halloween, October 31st. This limited theatrical release is the result of a collaborative effort between ScreenVision, Trancas International Films and Compass International Pictures. Included in this re-release to theaters will be an exclusive short documentary by Justin Breahm about Michael Myers called “YOU CAN’T KILL THE BOOGEYMAN: 35 YEARS OF HALLOWEEN.”, this documentary taking a closer look at Michael Myers, the iconic killer in all the "Halloween" films. Additional screens showing this classic horror film are being added daily. To see if a theater will be showing Halloween(1978) in your area click the below image:

Those interested in checking on a list of theaters by state which will be showing this classic can also go to ScreenVision's "Halloween movie" web page for a list of theaters which is updated daily. The link: ScreenVision Halloween page

Another website I would recommend for "Halloween" movie fans is a site dedicated to Michael Myers himself. Check it out by clicking this link: Michael Myers  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Christian Vote

I have spent the past six weeks putting together a website called Christian Vote for a close friend of mine. I am not a spiritual person and while I don't share the religious overtones and content within this website I absolutely agree with my friend's assertion that liberal media bias is adversely affecting the minds of many American voters and those who are preparing to register to vote. I have always felt considerable disdain for politics and even greater disdain for the Democrat political party. In the past I have largely ignored the foibles and shenanigans that regularly occur within Congress and including various past U.S. presidents and members of their respective administrations. Not anymore. The current American president, Barack Obama, may be the worst commander-in-chief the United States has EVER had.

Under President Obama our national debt has reached $16 trillion dollars, unemployment remains chronically high with an official Department Of Labor statistic of 8.1%. That stat does not include those able bodied and unemployed Americans who have given up looking for work altogether. When including those no longer working for work the actual unemployment rate is much higher and likely around 14-15%. One in seven Americans currently receive welfare and/or food stamps simply to pay their basic bills and feed themselves. An independent report by the Institute Of Medicine recently concluded that the U.S. health care system wastes $750 billion annually in unnecessary and redundant paperwork, excessive administrative costs/fees and outright fraud. Despite this the Democrats, and President Obama, plan to implement "Obamacare", a nationalized health care system that will result in an even bigger government intrusion into our health care system, something I find appalling given the sorry track record of accounting and fiscal responsibility among government agencies.

I hope those checking out this blog who are planning to vote in November will take the time to also check out Christian Vote. I will be maintaining this website and posting updates to the site on a regular basis. Click the link below or the title of this blog entry to see this new website. Thanks!

Christian Vote

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lost and found: CREATURE(1985)

One of my guilty pleasures in life is watching low budget sci-fi/horror movies and CREATURE, a film directed by William Malone, is certainly one of them. Anyone who has watched this movie, originally released theatrically back in May, 1985 knows that it is a blatant "Alien" rip off. In Creature(1985) we learn at the onset that two competing corporations, one American and one German, are vying to secure a valuable area of alien archaeological artifacts located on "Titan", a moon of the planet Saturn. The German corporation manages to land a spacecraft at the site on Titan first where two of its crew members, wandering through the ancient alien ruins, disturb a "sleeping" alien creature that quickly awakens, then attacks and kills them.

Later an American spaceship also lands at this site on the surface of Titan and, not surprisingly, encounters a hideous and bloodthirsty alien monster that immediately sets about stalking and killing the American team sent to the site.

Wendy Schaal in CREATURE(1985)

The alien creature in this movie looks a lot like the iconic "xenomorph" from Ridley Scott's Alien(1979). The monster kills by physical assault and numerous scenes show the hostile monster gnawing on the necks of its victims. The recently awakened creature also has the ability to transfer small, nasty looking spores to victims' scalps which render them pale skinned, wild eyed zombies and also dedicated to killing those still unaffected by the creature. The special effects are largely pedestrian and the acting is serviceable, enhanced to some degree for me by the lovely Wendy Schaal and creepy, leering Klaus Kinski. Kinski is later replaced by an obvious double after becoming infected by one of the creature's spores and "zombiefied".

There's some decent scenes of shock and gore in this film, the latter highlighted by one sequence in which a crew member(infected by the alien creature's miniature spore) has his head blown apart by another crew member packing a formidable hand held firearm. The reveals of the alien monster are brief and scatter shot throughout the movie, no doubt an effort by director William Malone to minimize the effects shortcomings of the monster which was obviously rendered through the use of "man in a suit". At the conclusion of the film we get a better look at the monster as it attacks and jacks up one of the movies' main protagonists, tossing him around like a rag doll outside the derelict German spaceship. The design of the alien creature is decent. The action sequences in which the monster attacks the crew members throughout this film not so much.

Long in the tooth: the monster in CREATURE(1985) looking for its next victim

The movie was made on an estimated budget of $750,000 and generated about $4.5 million at the box office. Creature(1985) was, according to IMDB, filmed in a 2:35.1 widescreen aspect ratio and I've seen some screen caps of this movie at German websites showing off marvelous looking widescreen images.

DVDs and VHS copies of this movie I've seen for sale at eBay, Amazon and other websites are all unfortunately in full screen(1:33.1) aspect ratios. My R1 DVD copy is the Diamond Entertainment release and is a VHS like quality transfer.

I've seen some mention that Retromedia, a few years ago, made some inquiries about securing original elements from this movie in order to release a widescreen version of CREATURE but thus far no widescreen release has happened. Maybe Blue Underground will show some interest in this movie...or not.

The American trailer for Creature(1985) aka "The Titan Find":