Friday, February 28, 2014

The heat is on: THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE(1961)

One of the best things I ever did as a person who watched movies almost solely based on monsters and special effects was to expand my proverbial movie watching horizons. It took me a while and it wasn't until I was in my forties that I decided to give sci-fi and horror movies without the top heavy special effects a try. I'm sure glad I did! One movie that I find very entertaining despite its lack of big budget special effects is 1961's The Day The Earth Caught Fire, directed by Val Guest. This film has a great cast including Edward Judd, Janet Munro and Leo McKern.

In The Day The Earth Caught Fire(1961) a determined reporter encounters a vast government cover up while learning that atomic bomb testing by the United States and Soviet Union at the Earth's poles has altered the axis of the planet with the Earth now moving towards the sun! The Earth will literally be scorched by our sun unless world leaders and the scientific community can get the planet back on its normal axis. Ultimately a solution is reached by scientists: detonate more atomic bombs to move the Earth back to a normal rotation around the sun. Will this plan work? Or is Earth doomed to obliteration as it moves closer to the sun! (no other spoilers)

This film is all about the story and is a gripping, suspenseful tale of how the impending end of our planet effects a small group of people struggling to come to terms with the potential calamity.

The Day The Earth Caught Fire has no Blu Ray release (I wish it did) but can be purchased on DVD from Amazon by clicking the link: THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE on DVD

Here's a trailer:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Godzilla - Official Main Trailer [HD]

The official second trailer for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla(2014) looks marvelous!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Armand's Rancho Del Cielo: Government Lays Groundwork To Confiscate Your 401k...

I managed to catch this important article posted by Armand Vaquer on his blog this morning. How important? For anyone with a 401K retirement plan or IRA(Individual Retirement Account), you may find yours taken away in the future by a broke and bankrupt U.S. federal government. How can this happen? Click the below link to see how our cash strapped government, always looking to generate revenue, may target IRA's and 401K plans of American workers. I would imagine Democrats in Congress and our current President would like nothing more than getting their hands on the hard earned retirement savings of all tax paying Americans.

 Armand's Rancho Del Cielo: Government Lays Groundwork To Confiscate Your 401k...: A friend emailed this article. If you have a 401k or IRA, you'd better read it! by Mac Slavo February 14, 2014 This morning Reuter...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Classic Horror Film Board Forums

Due to constraints on my time I cannot participate in topics at the Classic Horror Film Board as much as I would like but I would highly recommend this internet message board for any fan of horror/sci-fi movies as well as kaiju(giant monster) and fantasy films! It's the best board of its kind on the internet. Check out CHFB by clicking the below link!

Classic Horror Film Board Forums

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kaiju Galaxy

Every now and then I like to give a "shout out" for an internet message board. This one is for KAIJU GALAXY, founded back in November, 2004 by Michigan resident and Central Michigan University graduate Donny Winter. Like my own board, Donny's online community features discussion heavy on Toho and other kaiju(giant monster) films. Infamous Toho movie monsters Godzilla and Mothra are always being talked about at Donny's board along with so much more. Check out Donny Winter's KAIJU GALAXY by clicking the link: KAIJU GALAXY