Monday, September 14, 2015

Game on: ROLLERBALL(1975)

In Rollerball(1975), directed by Norman Jewison, the entire world is run by six(6) corporations in the not too distant future. These corporations make every decision that affects the entire world. Individualism is discouraged and to that end a brutal game called "rollerball" is created to show everyone the futility of individual leadership. Don't tell that to Jonathan E(played by James Caan), a star player with the Houston(Texas) team and the sport's dominate player.When the corporations feel threatened by Jonathan E's popularity efforts are made to force him to retire from the sport...but he has other ideas.

This movie is an interesting examination of society in general. People in this film seem generally desensitized to violence in general and the brutal, bloody "rollerball" is pure entertainment, the rollerball players treated like celebrities and VIPs.

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