Saturday, June 27, 2015

Movies I like...but probably shouldn't

Ever like a movie but question why you actually like it? I question myself sometimes. Here's my own list of films I like but have no idea why:

  • Barbarella(1968)
  • Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster(1965)
  • The Giant Gila Monster(1959)
  • Annie(1982)
  • Megamind(2010) (animated)
  • Creature From Black Lake(1976)
  • Breeders(1986)
  • The Incredible Mr. Limpet(1964)
  • Robot Monster(1953)
  • Frankenstein's Daughter(1958)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monsterland Forums: nine years and counting!

Seems hard to believe that my internet message board called Monsterland Forums is over nine years old.  I started this message board way back on January 29, 2006 on a used laptop computer. The early banners(made by me) looked terrible. The peak posting years for this message board have come and gone(2007, 2008 and 2009). Despite the decline in posting activity we still maintain a core member group of about a dozen people. Our active members include those living in the United States, Australia, England(Great Britain) and The Netherlands. Monsterland Forums still ranks fourth(4th) in posting activity among over 300 "entertainment" category message boards in the "Zetaboards" format. Our member community includes "Avery Guerra", a site contributor who does a fantastic job at finding and sharing info on the latest indie kaiju/sci-fi/horror film projects. Our message board community has topics on horror/sci-fi/fantasy cinema and television, video gaming, sports, "off topic" chat and DVDs and Blu Rays.

I admittedly can't manage this message board as much as I used to, partly due to my age and also due to my increasingly busy work schedule. Still, I cherish our small member community and still greatly enjoy my post exchanges with our members and along with two very helpful board admins keep our board fairly up to date.

Monsterland Forums will hopefully be around for a long, long time! Check out our site by clicking on the below link.

 Monsterland Forums

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Game Shop (new video game business)

Tom Van Slambrouck aka "gvamp", a long time member of my internet message board Monsterland Forums, is opening a new video game business along with a business partner. Their business is called THE GAME SHOP and is located in Midland, Michigan. Click the link below to access their website.

The Game Shop

You can also find The Game Shop on Facebook. Just type "The Game Shop" into Facebook's search bar.