Saturday, February 21, 2009

Father Knows Best: Son Of Godzilla(1967)

Despite my lifelong fondness for Godzilla and the films the monster stars in I admit there are some Godzilla movies that took me considerable time(and effort) to warm up to. An example of this is Son Of Godzilla, first released to theaters in Japan by Toho back on December, 16, 1967.

In the film a group of scientists conduct research, and experiments, into a weather control device on isolated Solgel island. The device unfortunately causes a radioactive storm on and around the island. Later, the work of the scientists is interrupted by a strange signal picked up by their sensors, the signal emanating from the island itself. A short time later Godzilla arrives and makes landfall at Solgel Island. It seems the "signal" came from an egg on the island. The egg hatches and out comes a miniaturized version of Godzilla, called "Minya". Godzilla plays the role of "father" quite well as he sets about mentoring the small kaiju and it's a good thing too because both monsters and scientists must contend with the Kamikiras, a trio of giant mantises, as well as an even more menacing giant spider called Kumonga. (no other spoilers)

I bought the Sony Region 1 DVD of Son Of Godzilla when it was first released and was very impressed with how the film looked: the vibrant colors of the island really stand out. The DVD presents the film in its original 2:35.1 (widescreen) aspect ratio. What impressed me the most was the work of the Toho effects crew wire-works technicians, whose efforts brought the Kamikiras and Kumonga to life in this film. The wires, to be sure, can often be clearly seen but overall this doesn't detract from my enjoyment of this movie, a film I watch once or twice per year.

The trailer for Son Of Godzilla: