Sunday, March 1, 2009

Getting Stoned: The "Daimajin" Trilogy Of Films(1966)

Daiei Studios, in addition to producing the classic "Gamera" films from 1965-71(and 1980's Gamera Super Monster), also produced a nice trilogy of films that, set in medieval(and feudal) Japan, feature a giant stone god come to life to take revenge on the various malevolent warlords who try to further empower themselves at the often bloody expense of others. The stone god, called "Majin", is a force to be reckoned with once he is awakened and, as we like to say here in the south, opens up a serious can of whoop ass on the bad guys.

I can remember watching the first film in the trilogy, called Daimajin, or its alternate(American) title of "Majin Monster Of Terror", on some channel at an ungodly hour while I was a pre-teen kid(the AIP version).

These "Majin" films were all made in 1966, the second installment called The Return Of Daimajin(aka "The Return Of Giant Majin") and the third(and final) film entitled The Wrath Of Daimajin(aka "Majin Strikes Again"). All of the films are shot in 2:35.1 widescreen aspect ratio.

I own the original ADV Films DVD set which includes all three films, which are presented in their original aspect ratio and with English subtitles. ADV Films also released these three movies on VHS as well.

The trailer for The Return Of Daimajin:

The trailer for The Wrath Of Daimajin

The trailer for Daimajin

The ADV Films DVD set of the three films can be found at by clicking the title of this blog or at this URL: