Sunday, August 23, 2009

Take Your Pick: My Bloody Valentine(2009)

I'm not usually much for remakes of classic('80's) slasher horror films. That said I believe My Bloody Valentine(2009), directed by Patrick Lussier, is quite good. This remake is an update of the original, a movie of the same name that opened in theaters in 1981 and during a time when the "slasher" horror film was beginning to gain momentum in the minds and hearts of horror movie fans. Films like Friday The 13th(1980) and its follow up Friday The 13th Part 2(1981) were important in giving this genre of horror film a boost, as was 1981's The Burning and Tobe Hooper's '81 film The Funhouse.

My Bloody Valentine(2009)
, like other slasher horror film remakes or "reboots", presents some very gory and often stomach churning kills. The gore effects, along with the suspense of the film, work very well in concert in making this movie as much a mystery "whodunit?" as a "killer on the loose" film.

The film's story: the coal mining town of Harmony is trying to recover from the "Valentine's Day Massacre" when a crazed coal miner named Harry Warden went on a murderous rampage and killed twenty two(22) locals with a railroad pick. Warden was killed, or so the townsfolk believed. Fast forward ten years and Harmony again becomes a den of terror as a man wearing a mask and coal miner gear begins killing citizens again in gruesome fashion with a railroad mattock. Some of the town's citizenry believe Harry Warden has come back from the dead. Others believe somebody else has been doing the killing...but who?

The kills in this film are always bloody and at times will make even the most seasoned "gorehound" wince a bit. The acting is serviceable which is all it needs to be in this movie.

The trailer for My Bloody Valentine(2009):

My Bloody Valentine 3D HD 2009 Official Trailer - These bloopers are hilarious