Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are You Ready For Freddy? A Nightmare On Elm Street(2010)

In 1984 movie go'ers were introduced to A Nightmare On Elm Street and the film's antagonist, child killer Fred Krueger who, burned to a crisp by a mob of angry neighborhood parents, returns to stalk teenagers on Elm Street. Krueger, sporting a glove on his right hand with four razor sharp knives attached to the glove's fingers, stalks and kills his victims in their dreams: they die in their dreams and consequently die in real life as well since the subconscious mind controls the heart and other vital organs...right?

Remakes have been aplenty as of late what with horror icons "Michael Myers"( the Rob Zombie directed Halloween films) and "Jason Voorhees"( the 2009 Friday The 13th film) both getting their own respective re-starts. Why not Freddy Krueger as well?

A Nightmare On Elm Street is scheduled to open in theaters in late April of 2010 and is a reboot of the 1984 film. The remake is directed by Samuel Bayer.

I am a huge fan of Robert Englund and his marvelous portrayal of Krueger. Jackie Earle Haley takes over for Mr. Englund in the role. I like the casting of Haley to play Fred Krueger. I also like the official trailer for this "Elm Street" remake. I'm not sure I like the "post burn" makeup effects on Jackie Earle Haley, which can be seen briefly in the trailer. You can judge for yourself by watching the trailer:

Bonus: the trailer for the original 1984 classic: