Saturday, November 6, 2010

...All The Marbles(1981)

Usually I post a blog entry about a DVD I already own. In this case I'm going to blurb a little about a DVD-R I'm getting ready to buy, an "on demand" release and older film that seemed for the longest time to be destined for VHS release only. I'm referring to ...All The Marbles, an action comedy film produced by MGM and directed by Robert Aldrich(it would be his last movie in the director's chair). The movie chronicles the efforts of a wisecracking manager named Harry Sears(played by Peter Falk) and his two sexy female wrestlers, Iris and Molly(played by Vicki Frederick and Laurene Landon, respectively) to gain a championship tag team match in Las Vegas, NV with the champion "Toledo Tigers", a pair of rough and tough black women(played by Tracy Reed and Ursaline Bryant-King) who are in no hurry to lose their tag team championship belts. Harry Sears and his two beautiful wrestlers Iris and Molly travel from one venue to another, mostly small arenas and local auditoriums and for pedestrian paydays. The two women even managed to get talked into a mud wrestling match at a Youngstown(OH) amusement park show. Eventually the grind pays off and Harry's "California Dolls" get their championship with the "Toledo Tigers". (no other spoilers)

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I use to own the VHS tape of this film and was delighted to see that Warner Brothers has decided to offer ...All The Marbles(1981) as an "on demand" DVD-R release. Basically, you order the disc and WB burns it, then ships it to you. I've seen a brief clip illustrating the video quality of this DVD-R release and it looks very good. The DVD-R can be ordered direct by clicking this link:,default,pd.html?cgid=ZARCHIVEALL

The trailer for ...All The Marbles(1981):