Saturday, May 21, 2011

Humongous(1982) should be on DVD

I sat down this afternoon and watched my DVD-R of a 1982 slasher horror film called Humongous. I've been on a mission of sorts over the last few years to buy campy 80's slasher horror movies on DVD and would definitely buy this Paul Lynch directed movie if it was on official DVD...but it isn't, yet. I've seen some internet speculation that Scorpion is planning to release Humongous on official R1 DVD in either late 2011(October) or the spring of 2012. I sure hope so. Slasher horror film fans who have not seen this movie should. Is it a work of art? Absolutely not but it is, I think, considerably better than most reviews I've seen for this film on the web. Director Paul Lynch gets quite a few things right with this movie: the hulking man monster who stalks(and kills) the group of stranded young people on "Dog Island" is never fully revealed in appearance until near the end of the film which definitely adds a great element of mystery to the character. The use of shadows is done quite well by the director as well and the audio rendering of "Humongous" is very effective: the hulking man beast emits variations of dog like growls and roars which definitely add to the "creep" factor of this antagonist. The man monster is played by Garry Robbins, a seven foot, five inch tall Canadian actor-stuntman and "tallest man in Canada" who would later return as one of the crazed, deformed and inbred hillbillies commonly referred to as "Sawtooth" in the 2003 horror film Wrong Turn. Admittedly the acting in Paul Lynch's Humongous is pedestrian and the film itself borrows heavily from the "Friday The 13th" films. Still, I think Humongous(1982) is worth an official DVD release. Slasher horror fans should give this one a look: I think they'll be glad they did.