Monday, October 31, 2011

Michael Jackson's THRILLER (1983)

I can remember the first time I watched Thriller, a music video directed by John Landis and starring Michael Jackson. I was a college junior and sitting at the counter of a club in Charleston, SC called "Spankys" when MTV first broadcast this video. I was very impressed as I watched it.

The fourteen(14) minute long video features some great monster makeup effects on Michael Jackson and marvelous dance choreography. The video was produced as a promotional tie in to the 1982 Michael Jackson song "Thriller" and album of the same name. That album is among the greatest selling albums of all time.

I still consider Thriller, which was released in December, 1983 to be the absolute best music video I have ever seen and is even more satisfying for me to watch around Halloween.

Michael Jackson's Thriller: