Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fish food: Piranha 3DD trailer (HD)

Last year I finally managed to sit down and watch Piranha 3D on DVD. This film is a "re-imagining" if you will of the 1978 film Piranha. I own the '78 film on DVD and it's a movie I really enjoy watching from time to time. Piranha 3D was exactly what I expected: updated special effects(which are mostly quite good) and over the top gore. Now there's a sequel to "Piranha 3D" and it's called PIRANHA 3DD, the alpha numeric part of the film's title undoubtedly a reference to the bra sizes of many of the bikini clad young women who prance about in this movie...before being attacked and consumed by the swarm of prehistoric and voracious piranha. I like the trailer for "Piranha 3DD". The film is directed by John Gulager, son of veteran character actor Clu Gulager. John Gulager has directed all three "Feast" horror films, each gory features about ravenous humanoid monsters feeding on the occupants of an isolated town and diner. Gulagers' monsters in PIRANHA 3DD are smaller but no less unsettling: voracious, bloodthirsty prehistoric fish with teeth like hacksaws. There's been no official release date announced yet for this film. Check out the trailer below: