Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zero Woman - Red Handcuffs(1974)

I am an absolute sucker for movies that feature an ass kicking female and, having recently ordered the "Sister Street Fighter" DVD set from Amazon, I decided to add another Toei title to my DVD collection, a movie called Zero Woman-Red Handcuffs(1974), produced by Toei and directed by Yukio Noda. In this movie Rei aka "Agent Zero", played by the lovely Miki Sugimoto, is a disgraced former police officer who, stripped of her badge and incarcerated in jail because she violated her police department's code of conduct while killing a wanted criminal, is now freed and asked to become assassin while rescuing the daughter of a wealthy politician, Rei summarily dispatching the gang kidnappers any way she deems necessary. Of course Agent Zero's methods include a lot of bloody violence, courtesy of her chain and handcuffs. Check out the trailer below:

The DVD for this film, originally released by Discotek Media back in 2005, can be purchased at Amazon (click the DVD cover art below) or at Discotek Media's website: Discotek Media