Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nat Geo Bigfoot documentary - THE TRUTH BEHIND BIGFOOT

I have always been fascinated by the "Bigfoot" phenomenon. Bigfoot, also referred to as "Sasquatch", is a purported giant, hairy, half man and half ape creature said to exist in numerous regions of the world including parts of the continental United States. Some believe in the existence of this creature and some do not. Me? I've always been on the proverbial fence in that I'm open to the possibility of such a creature existing...but without a carcass, bones or other "hard" physical evidence I cannot honestly say I do believe these creatures exist. These alleged creatures have been the subject of many television documentaries. One I finished watching recently is well worth a look for those interested in the "Bigfoot" phenomenon. It was released by the National Geographic Channel in early 2010 and provides an excellent analysis of the infamous 1967 "Patterson" Bigfoot film footage as well as insightful and objective analysis of footprints and other secondary "evidence" collected over the decades by researchers and scientists. To watch this "Nat Geo" documentary click on the video below: