Wednesday, October 2, 2013

AMC Fearfest 2013

October is a favorite month for me because both AMC(American Movie Classics) and TCM(Turner Classic Movies) ramp up their broadcasts of horror movies. I have admittedly developed a certain amount of disdain for AMC in recent years because they do not screen as many classic horror films like they did back in the "good old days" of the 1990's "AMC Monsterfest" when you could always count on a bevy of Hammer, Universal and Toho kaiju films as part of this channel's line up.

Still, I've grown more fond of AMC lately and do watch some of their "Fearfest" movies. AMC's Fearfest for 2013 begins on October 14th with a continuous broadcast of horror movies and episodes of AMC's own TV series The Walking Dead.

To access AMC's Fearfest 2013 program line up click the image above or the link: AMC FEARFEST 2013