Sunday, September 7, 2014

Anchors aweigh : JUGGERNAUT(1974)

Seems like the older I get the more often I come across a movie I've seen before...and completely forgotten all about. This is most definitely the case with the 1974 British suspense thriller JUGGERNAUT. The title of this film is also what the villain in this movie calls himself, a madman who has planted seven bombs on the luxury cruise ocean liner "Britannica". The owner of the company that owns the liner, in conjunction with the British government, dispatches a team of bomb experts to the ship to try and disarm the bombs.

I actually saw this movie in a theater as a kid. Not sure what drew me to this film as a youngster but it was probably due to my fascination with ships and because I was still suffering from a personal "Poseidon Adventure" hangover. Highly recommend JUGGERNAUT(1974) to anyone who hasn't seen it!

I'll be buying the Blu Ray of this film and it gets released on September 9th. Click the link to purchase JUGGERNAUT on Blu Ray at Amazon: JUGGERNAUT(1974) Blu Ray

JUGGERNAUT(1974) is also available on DVD(MGM) and can be purchased online at Amazon as well: JUGGERNAUT DVD(MGM release)