Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Behind closed doors: THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD(1971)

Every October my DVR gets a workout as I record horror movies off Turner Classic Movies. Most I've seen before(on DVD or on TV) but every year I watch a few for the first time. My October horror movie binge included numerous "haunted house" movies including House On Haunted Hill(1959), The Haunting(1963) and Burnt Offerings(1976). I also managed to watch THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD(1971), an "Amicus" horror film which is an anthology of four stories. The cast is terrific and includes Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Joss Ackland and Ingrid Pitt. This film is available on official DVD and can be purchased online at Amazon.

To see the Lions Gate R1 DVD release(in 2003) of this film for sale at Amazon click the link: THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD DVD