Friday, February 13, 2015

U.K. scientists believe alien "seed" may have created human life on Earth

An article has been making the rounds on the internet that U.K. scientists have discovered a mysterious, filamentous and spherical object the width of a human hair which may(or may not to be sure) indicate that it's a "seed" of some kind from intelligent alien life designed to propagate across the Earth and eventually result in the creation of human life on our planet.

This alien "seeding" theory of the Earth has been touched on in numerous science fiction films including PROMETHEUS(2012) and MISSION TO MARS(2000). In fact, an older Hammer movie called Quatermass And The Pit(1967 - aka "Five Million Years To Earth") touches on alien tampering with the Earth: in this particular movie insectoid Martian aliens resembling oversized grasshoppers have purportedly performed genetic experiments on Earth primates resulting in, of course humans!

As an agnostic I've not only struggled with the notion of religion and the existence of God but also the question "where do I come from?" Did I evolve from primates through a natural process of evolution? Or something else entirely?