Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ice breaker: The Thing(1982)

One of my absolute favorite science fiction-horror movies has, over the decades, developed quite a fan following. I'm referring to The Thing, directed by John Carpenter and a re-imagining of the 1951 film called The Thing From Another World which was directed by Howard Hawks and based on a story called "Who Goes There?".

In John Carpenter's film a group of American scientists in present day Antarctica discover the burned remains of a dead Norwegian(from a neighboring science research station) and bring it back to their own facilities for closer inspection. They'll wish they hadn't. The remains are actually an alien which was burned in mid absorption of the Norwegian crew person. Seems the alien absorbs those around it whether it be a man or an animal. Soon nobody knows who is human...or who is the alien. A few members of the American research facility venture out and find the alien's spaceship but the discovery does nothing to improve their rapidly deteriorating situation.

The American science research station becomes a den of terror as the scientists battle the creature and each other, their dilemma punctuated by the great acting of cast members Kurt Russell, Richard Dysart, Keith David and Richard Masur. The special "creature" effects and other gore effects are marvelous. As science fiction-horror crossover films go The Thing is top notch!

The original theatrical trailer:

The film has been released on Blu-Ray and also on standard DVD as a "Collector's Edition" release. To see this(and the BD) click on the DVD cover art image above.