Sunday, March 21, 2010

Size Does Matter: War Of The Colossal Beast(1958)

Despite my disdain for what AMC(American Movie Classics) has become over the past ten years, there is one feature at AMC's website I like: "BMC" online, or B movies online. Those of us with broadband internet can watch famous low budget films as streaming videos. One of my favorites at AMC's B-movie page is War Of The Colossal Beast, a direct sequel to the Bert I. Gordon directed "The Amazing Colossal Man(1957)". In the sequel(also directed by Bert I. Gordon) Glenn Manning, a former military officer turned sixty foot giant courtesy of radiation exposure from an A bomb blast, reappears, his face hideously disfigured from his catastrophic fall at the dam in the original 1957 film. "War Of The Colossal Beast" gave me the creeps when I first saw it as a kid. Hearing the disfigured giant Manning yowl and shriek is still unsettling to my ears when I watch this old campy classic. Watch War Of The Colossal Beast  below as a streaming video:

War Of The Colossal Beast(1958) has been released to official Region 1 DVD, paired with 1958's Earth vs The Spider. The DVD can purchased at Amazon. To see this DVD listed click the link: