Monday, June 20, 2011

Classic 60's Hanna Barbera animated series at WB Shop

Not too long ago WB began making available classic, 1960's Hanna Barbera animated TV series as "on demand" DVD-Rs, these discs made from the best possible source materials. As a kid I grew up watching Space Ghost(1966), Birdman(1967), Galaxy Trio(1967) and my absolute favorite, The Herculoids(1967). I bought Space Ghost/Dino Boy and Birdman/Galaxy Trio last year on DVD. Thankfully more of these classic cartoons are being made available to the public now either as R1 DVD releases or "on demand" DVD-R burns. In April, 2011 Frankenstein Jr/The Impossibles(1965) was released as an on demand DVD-R release(made by the manufacturer as an order is placed for the discs) and just last week The Herculoids finally became available. To find these cartoons and other great TV series go to the WB Shop website. Click this link to enter the WB Shop website:  WB Shop

For me Saturday mornings as a kid meant watching an Ultraman episode and these cartoon episodes. Check out the intro theme for The Herculoids: