Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Thing From Another World(1951) - trailer

I was greatly saddened yesterday to see the news that long time television and movie actor James Arness had passed away. He was 88 years of age. His death was officially attributed to natural causes. Obviously this actor, a tall, rangy and ruggedly handsome man gained lasting fame for his role of tough guy but good hearted U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon on the long running CBS television series Gunsmoke(1955-1975). Fans of sci-fi films should recognize him as the FBI agent in 1954's Them! who helped battle irradiated, giant mutant ants threatening Los Angeles(CA). For me I will always relish a non speaking role of the actor: I'm referring to the green, humanoid plant alien in 1951's sci-fi classic The Thing From Another World. There are so many things I have always liked about this black and white sci-fi film and James Arness' portrayal of the malevolent, menacing alien is absolutely one of them! James Arness will be greatly missed.