Sunday, September 4, 2011

I, robot: The Colossus Of New York(1958)

I was absolutely delighted earlier this year when I read at Dread Central that Olive Films had secured the rights to release The Colossus Of New York onto official R1 DVD. This 1958, black and white sci-fi film, produced by William Alland and directed by Eugene Lourie, is a melancholy and atmospheric feature that is an interesting twist on the classic "Frankenstein" tale. In the film a brilliant scientist, killed in a sudden and random accident, lives on after his brain is transplanted into the steel body of a hulking robot.

For years the only way to view this film was through VHS or a bevy of grainy, sorry looking DVD-R "bootlegs" offered for sale through various internet vendors. No longer. I bought the Olive Films DVD for this movie last week and was very pleased at how The Colossus Of New York looks on official DVD.

The robot is, as far as I'm concerned, the "star" of this film, a towering and lumbering metallic hulk with glowing eyes and a dark, cape like shroud draped over its huge shoulders. Predictably, the dead scientist doesn't react too well to the fact he now inhabits the body of a huge steel robot and the enormous machine becomes a menace to humanity as the movie reaches its climax(no spoilers). I would highly recommend this film to any fans of classic sci-fi and horror! To see the Olive Films DVD of this movie for sale at Amazon click the DVD cover artt image above.