Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An appreciation of giant monsters - NERONGA

From time to time I'm going to give some props to various giant monsters who have endeared themselves to me. The first of these monsters that comes to mind is Neronga. This monster first appeared on television in 1966 in episode #3 of the classic Ultraman television series, the episode called "Go Science Patrol!"(one of many various English translations for this episode). The monster, an ancient dinosaur defeated by medieval Japanese warriors, has survived by consuming electricity. The energy from the electricity causes the monster to grow and also enables the huge creature to render itself invisible, as long as it's fully "charged" with energy. Physically, Neronga is a 35 meter(116 feet) tall, 10,000 ton behemoth, the monster bulky, generally quadrupedal, usually walking on all fours and possessing a ridged back, huge tail and possessing a large horn on its face. Neronga can, when agitated, rise up and move about on its hind legs. Besides being able to make itself invisible, Neronga also can fire large blasts of electricity from its horn.


The Neronga "suit" used in the classic Ultraman TV series episode was worn by "Godzilla" suit actor Haruo Nakajima and was a modification of the Baragon suit, Baragon a monster appearing in the 1965 Toho film Frankenstein Vs Baragon(aka "Frankenstein Conquers The World").

Neronga eventually is confronted and killed in battle by Ultraman but gives Ultraman a decent fight. I've always liked the design of this monster and Neronga would go on to appear in other "Ultraman" series. I own a collection of giant monster toys including a Bandai figure of Neronga(5-6" inches tall).

Click the video below to see Neronga in action against "Gudon", the battle from an episode of the TV series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle:

Gudon vs. Neronga by ExOrochi

To see Neronga fighting Ultraman(in the '66 episode "Go Science Patrol!") click the below video: