Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Long in the tooth: Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry

Beginning last summer I began addressing the long term effects of cigarette smoking, smokeless tobacco and coffee on my teeth. I actually quit smoking and using smokeless tobacco in November, 1999 but the damage had been done. A work injury four years ago, which damaged one of my front teeth, also added to my dental travails.

For those living in or around Atlanta, Georgia consider using Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry for all of your dental needs. Dr. Jolanda Warren is my dentist and I couldn't be happier thus far with her work on my choppers which includes cleaning, fillings, extractions and what will soon be the installation of partial dentures to replace my front teeth which were damaged back in 2008. Without this dental work I would resemble a hyena every time I smile, obviously not something I'd relish as I get older.

I'm posting a link below to Dr Jolanda Warren's dental practice which is located in northeast Atlanta(GA) in the "Buckhead" suburb. Need a dentist? Give Dr. Warren a try!