Friday, February 8, 2013

Out of the closet: THE BOOGEYMAN(2013)

Another film adaptation of a Stephen King short story has arrived, a movie directed by Stephen Hyams called The Boogeyman, which is also the name of the short story penned by Stephen King and which appears in the 1978 book NIGHT SHIFT, a superlative collection of Stephen King written short stories. I have this book and "The Boogeyman" is one of my favorite stories from this book, a creepy tale in which a tormented man named Lester Billings recounts to a psychiatrist the grisly night time deaths of his three young children. These deaths have two things in common: all these children cried out "boogeyman!" before their demise and a slightly opened closet door was discovered in every room in which the young ones perished. The distraught father, Lester Billings begins to question his own sanity as he talks about his dead kids to "Dr. Harper"... (no other spoilers)

This film will begin showing in film festivals in the UK on February 25th. Check out the trailer below for The Boogeyman(2013):