Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bite this - Queen Of Blood(1966)

With the recent additions of the MGM (HD) Channel and the Sony Movie Channel(HD) from my cable TV provider I've managed to watch many movies I've heard about but have never seen...including QUEEN OF BLOOD(aka "Planet Of Blood"), written and directed by Curtis Harrington and theatrically released by American International Pictures(AIP) back in 1966. The cast includes Basil Rathbone, John Saxon, William Hopper, Judi Meredith and Florence Marly, the latter who plays a green skinned female alien with a hypnotic stare and decided taste for blood. Up until now I've considered 1967's MISSION STARDUST to be the most bizarre yet enjoyable outer space sci-fi movie. QUEEN OF BLOOD may be that film now for me. The visuals in this movie, said to have been made on a scant budget of $50,000, are actually appealing at times and the movie itself is very colorful. I'm planning on buying PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES(1965) on Blu Ray in a week(or two) and I'm going to also buy the MGM DVD of QUEEN OF BLOOD(1966). Recommend any fan of older sci-fi and sci-fi/horror films check this one out!

Queen Of Blood -1966- by dashgami_itto

QUEEN OF BLOOD(1966) can be purchased online at Amazon by clicking this link: Queen Of Blood MGM DVD