Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Obama adviser Gruber admitted ObamaCare might not be affordable | Fox News

For the past year I have discussed and debated(the latter to a lesser extent to be sure) the true affordability of the Affordable Health care Act, aka "Obamacare". This law has had a polarizing effect on all working Americans, no doubt about it. But how affordable is health insurance with the ACA now existing law?

Before the ACA was passed into law I could have obtained very basic health insurance from Blue Cross-Blue Shield starting at $150 per month. Browsing the government website by which people can check out "Obamacare" health insurance plans and their accompanying monthly premiums, I found that the same basic plans start at $309 per month. I've talked with several people I know, all male, all over 50 years age(like me) and all non smokers. These guys came up with the same starting rate at the ACA's website, based on health insurance for a single, non smoking white male. Last I checked $309 per month is a good bit more cost than $150 per month. I have no doubt that the ACA law has helped many people. The thing is, I believe it's also screw a whoe hell of a lot more Americans over.

The ACA is a monstrosity borne from the minds of liberal Democrats and others whose share the idea that they know what's best for the American people and that working class Americans can't possibly know how to run their personal or professional lives, much less make day to day decisions that affect our health and finances in a positive way. It was difficult enough for me to afford basic health insurance before the ACA was passed into law. With "Obamacare" now law, I flat out cannot afford the lowest monthly health insurance premiums offered on ACA's government run website. My doctor tells me every year that more and more of his patients are also compelled to drop their insurance plans because of increased monthly premiums they can no longer afford to pay. The increases in these patient's premiums are the result of their insurance carriers coming into compliance with, you guessed it, the ACA and its veritable ocean of regulations and requirements.

For those who would argue that subsidies I could apply for and receive would help me pay my health insurance premiums, I say this: according to the ACA's health insurance website I'm not eligible for ANY subsidies. I don't make much money now but I still make too much for a subsidy or other financial assistance. My guess is that unless I'm on welfare I wouldn't get a subsidy, period. Liberal Democrats who helped our president pass the ACA into law are, I believe fully committed to making as many Americans poor(or poorer) and dependent on the federal government as much as possible. The more dependent Americans are on welfare and other entitlement programs, the more votes the Democrat Party gets come election time. One of my personal goals for 2015 is to obtain health insurance but at this point I'm not real confident I'll be able to afford it. For anyone else who has this problem(single or married), you can thank your liberal friends, business associates or other liberal acquaintances who voted Democrat in the 2008 and 2012 U.S. national presidential elections.

 Obama adviser Gruber admitted ObamaCare might not be affordable | Fox News