Sunday, May 17, 2009

How Swede It Is: Terror In The Midnight Sun(1959)

Sweden's lone entry into the 1950's "monster on the loose" film craze is a sometimes bizarre but fairly entertaining movie called Terror In The Midnight Sun, which was originally released in Sweden in the fall of 1959. This title is one of several belonging to this Swedish film: other titles include Horror In The Midnight Sun and Invasion Of The Animal People, the latter the title of this film when it arrived in American theaters in 1962.

In Terror In The Midnight Sun a glowing alien spacecraft lands in the northern region of Sweden. Scientists are dispatched to investigate the crashed alien vessel. Complicating their efforts to study the craft: a wandering, Yeti-like, five meter tall hairy giant which trudges through the snow, menacing the locals and the members of the scientific expedition. (no other spoilers)

A promo trailer, courtesy of Something Weird Video: