Friday, May 29, 2009

Kaiju Galaxy

One of the web's truly marvelous kaiju themed message boards is Kaiju Galaxy, founded by Donny Winter back in November, 2004. Donny's site, while covering all kinds of topics regarding Mothra, Godzilla and other Japanese giant monsters, and the films these monsters star in, is also home to some great kaiju fan fiction and other related literary submissions. Kaiju Galaxy has over 400 members and 80,000 posts.

Donny, expanding on his message board, and with the help of his close friend "Sahra", have created a new website(using Freewebs) that will expand on Kaiju Galaxy's forums. The new website is still "under construction" and further updates, and additional features, will follow.

To see the new "Kaiju Galaxy" home page click the below image: