Saturday, May 16, 2009

School Daze: Monster On The Campus(1958)

The 1950's are stocked with some classic and campy horror films: it's those from the decade of the 1950s that got me interested in the horror movie genre. Not too long ago a slew of 50's horror films were released by Universal as DVD sets. The first of the two, called The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection, includes Monster On The Campus, directed by Jack Arnold.
In the film a college professor pines over his newly arrived specimen of prehistoric fish. When the professor accidentally exposes himself to the specimen's blood the prof transforms into a hostile and garish looking neanderthal like creature who predictably makes life miserable for his girlfriend, others about the college campus he preys on, as well as the local authorities who are investigating his attacks on the victims.

This black and white film will get under your skin: a pretense to the professor's transformation is nicely realized when both a dragonfly and a dog are exposed to the prehistoric fish's blood, the winged insect mutating into a hawk sized monstrosity and the german shepherd flashing huge and nasty looking overgrown canine teeth.

The trailer for Monster On The Campus(1958):